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Sea Moss Gel (Gracilaria)

Sea Moss Gel (Gracilaria)

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Our Blend is from S.T. Lucia   🌊 We Freeze it directly after it’s made so that all of your minerals stay fresh and preserved 🙏🏾 

Add as many scoops to your smoothies, drinks , or food if your choice! The more you consume the better you will feel 🙏🏾 (Most people start out with 2-3 scoops a day)

Just let that our jar sit out and thaw for a few hours or just pop it in the fridge overnight and your ready to use the next AM☀️


Lime juice, Water, Mango, Dried Dates, Sarsaparilla, Chia Seeds, Baobab

How to use

Just add a couple spoonfuls of our gel to your smoothies, tea, or on top of salads and Feel the benefits 🙏


We ship out Deliveries on Tuesdays and Thursday....If you Local in the Kansas City area we have a local delivery option as well.

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