How To Significantly Improve Your Immunity

How To Significantly Improve Your Immunity

With school back in session and the fall/winter seasons approaching, the fear begins to rise in the world of germs and illness. Unfortunately fear is the biggest immunity killer there is, so this post’s mission is to give you the ‘peace’ of mind you need to thrive through the seasons!

First, let’s crush any misconceptions about the immune system. We tend to talk about the immune system as if it’s a separate entity within ourselves that needs to be constantly focused on to not contract illness. The truth is, our immune system is really just our full body system: made up all of our functions, gut, blood, etc. We simply cannot target our immune system to improve it, we have to support our blood cells as a whole and nourish our bodies in order for them to effectively fight off illness naturally. This is GREAT news because by talking on the subject of immunity, we are able to all around help you feel better while also keeping out unwanted pathogens that cause dis-ease.

Of course some of the BEST ways to do this is to work on the nervous system and keeping stress levels in check, eating a well balanced/plant-based diet filled with essential nutrients and minerals, getting plenty of rest, and keeping your vibration high as a whole. Once you have this foundation, there are some other ways to enhance your overall support!

One of the best ways which to support your body is high-mineral herbs and superfoods to ensure that you have all of the bases covered for your body to be ready to fight whenever necessary. This can be done with the all mighty sea moss gel containing almost ALL of our needed minerals and more! Lets dive further into how this medicine of the sea directly ties into all of the factors needed for heightened immunity.

  1. Sea Moss Contains Potassium Chloride: This is a major component to sea moss’s effectiveness in helping people feel their best because it is a strong anti-inflammatory. By reducing inflammation in the body, you are strengthening all of your bodies functions because it no longer has to focus on balancing/healing the inflammation there, but can focus on fighting off harmful bacteria and toxins.
  2. Sea Moss Helps In Eliminating Toxins: Sea moss does a great job at balancing the digestive system by giving it a natural lubricant when in gel form or paired with the fluids in the gut. It helps move things along gently but also takes with it the toxin build up in our gut. This is beneficial to immunity because it provides you with a clean system to help the body function at it’s highest, lose weight, and expel toxins that can cause illness quicker. This same concept is what makes it so incredible for detoxing the mucous in the lungs as well. It can help reduce the inflammation and to in turn strengthen the organs that may be effected by illness.
  3. Sea Moss Is High In Vitamin A, C, E, and Iron: All of these essential nutrients aid in boosting immunity. Vitamin C stimulates neutrophil migration to the site of infection, enhances phagocytosis and oxidant generation, and microbial killing. Vitamin A is known as an anti-inflammation vitamin because of its critical role in enhancing immune function. Vitamin E assists in the maintenance of membrane integrity, maintain signal transduction and production of key proteins and other mediators and directly affect the function of immune cells. And iron helps in improving haemoglobin levels which boosts oxygen supply to damaged cells, tissues, and organs resulting in the strengthening of your immune system! Not to mention the abundance of other minerals doing their part when you take sea moss as well!
  4. Sea Moss Gives You Energy: This is mostly due to the iron content helping your overall well-being and circulation (think of it as charging up all of your cells in a way!). When you have more energy for life, you have more energy to stay active, cook healthy meals, dance, relieve stress, and keep your vibration in LOOOVE (high).

As always this post could potentially go on forever with the amount of ways sea moss can help you live a happier, stronger, healthier life, but to keep with the focus of immunity we’ll go ahead and wrap this one up. Ditch the fear and transmute it into love these upcoming seasons and always. You are safe. Your body is strong. Keep the vibes UP!


Disclaimer* Always check with your naturopathic doctor to ensure that a supplement or superfood is right for you.

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